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Alexander fell in love with Hawaii the first time he stepped foot off the plane back in 1988. Since that time, Hawaii has been in his heart and he returned frequently until he moved here permanently. The Aloha Spirit, the slower pace, the beauty of nature and the best waves on the planet were enough for him to realize early on that Hawaii is home.

Born in Alexandria, VA, Alexander graduated from high school at The Prinicipia in St Louis, MO in 1988. He then obtained a BA in Humanities from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, CA. His main area of study was in the School of Drama, where he prepared for a career in Hollywood as an actor.

In 2000, Alexander moved permanently to the Big Island where he met his current wife. Soon after, two lovely children were born and a new family blossomed. It was also at this time that Alexander and his wife Olya began developing a healing workshop using sound tools, live music and meditation. They began holding workshops on the island and formulating a plan to bring their healing work to the mainland.

As these ideas were being conceived, Alexander was also creating a real estate investing business with a USC fraternity friend. They purchased and renovated two homes in the Puna area and then sold one of the renovated homes and rented out the other. Alexander, who had obtained a real estate license as part of that process, also began listing and selling properties. He developed an affinity and a knack for the business and learned the ropes under the guidance of two powerful mentors in the local real estate community. He continued working as a real estate agent until 2009 when he began focusing his energy into developing a 501c3 non-profit in partnership with his wife.

In November of 2018, ready to take a break from the travel schedule required by duties to the non-profit, Alexander decided to reinstate his real estate license and join Clark Realty, where he utilizes his past real estate experience, his work in Hollywood and, especially, his people skills to help his clients in their home searches and property sales.

An avid surfer for over 30 years, Alexander says that surfing and his family are his two main passions outside of his work. Meditation and yoga are also big aspects of Alexander’s daily routine, along with playing guitar, singing and playing the didgeridoo. Alexander lives with his wife and two children in Keaau, Hawaii.

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Mr. Alexander Hanzlik was my real estate agent ten years ago on the Big Island. His work at that time was nothing short of excellent. I was looking for the most remote, exotic, but completely livable places. He took me to the most breathtaking places the Big Island had to offer. He was totally familiar with the owners and the situations regarding the properties so that all questions were quickly answered. What started as a real estate venture turned into a life altering experience. The simple sincerity and kindness with which I was blessed by Alexander and his family has made our connection with the island a blessed one. I had a fantasy about Hawaii. Alexander helped to turn it into a reality. We are very happily settled. He has Aloha down. Still blown away.  John Burgess

Alexander Hanzlik is very knowledgeable and a hard worker. We joined forces over a decade ago to purchase, renovate and sell property. Alexander headed the entire operation and skillfully completed the project and sold the home with a profit. He has a friendly and warm personality and I am currently recommending clients to him for their real estate needs.  Albert Moscona, Globus Real Estate

Clark Realty agents have one primary goal: to provide exceptional service with professionalism, integrity and aloha. Each agent has access to the best available tools to help buyers find the property that suits their needs and to help sellers successfully market their properties both locally and globally. Your Clark Realty agent is also supported by a managing broker in their local office and an on-island management team with decades of real estate experience.

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