Gemini North Telescope Captures May 17 Kilauea Plume from Maunakea

May 17, 2018||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Footage was obtained from the 8-meter Gemini North telescope on Maunakea by a camera used to monitor the sky for remote operations of the telescope.

January 27, 2014||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Kilauea: A Large or Small Volcano? 

January is Volcano Awareness Month. Learn more at: Understanding Hawaii Island Volcanoes Because we live on an Island with an active volcano, understanding the history of our island's development helps give us a more visceral sense of what the future may hold. We have veritable ring-side seats to the earth’s physical drama as it unfolds daily. It has been 31 years since Kilauea started its current eruption phase and, according to this Volcano Watch article, scientists are learning that the size of a volcano may determine the eruption rate. However, they are not certain whether Kilauea is a small volcano or a part of the larger volcano, Mauna Loa. "Is Kīlauea merely a small bump on Mauna Loa's side or does it deeply cut into Mauna Loa's edifice, effectively wedging apart the older and larger volcano? The answer to this question has direct bearing on the eruptive activity that we should expect from Kīlauea in... Read More 

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January 27, 2011||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Volcano Awareness Month: Hot Stuff! 

As part of Hawaii Island’s second annual Volcano Awareness Month, some friends and I recently took advantage of one of the scientist-led walks at Devastation Trail. Read More 

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July 22, 2010||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Kalapana Lava by Bike - Only on the Big Island! 

NOW (Kalapana, July 2010): ...and then: Rey Mishina of our Hilo office forwarded the top photo to the Web Services office a few days ago after receiving it via email from Darcy Bevens, the Educational Specialist at the University of Hawaii- Hilo's Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes. Used here with permission. Mahalo Rey and Darcy. These are great shots separately, but together they are priceless! To learn more about Big Island volcanoes, visit the Multimedia Presentations page on the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park website where you will find several USGS videos, including Lava Flows and Lava Tubes on Kilauea. Read More 

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