Annoying Little Buggers! Prepare for Termite Swarm Season

May 27, 2010||Big Island: Weather and Nature

It's that time of year again:  termite swarm season. On certain evenings from May to July, for a few hours after sunset on nights when the air is warm and still, Hawaii residents will often find termites flying around outdoor lights and sometimes even indoor lights, televisions and computer screens. The “alates” or “swarmers” are looking for mates on nights like these.  Pairs that survive the geckos,...

February 25, 2010||Big Island Communities: Districts & Subdivisions

Community Spotlight: Puako, South Kohala District 

Puako, peacefully nestled between two of the most renowned Kohala coast resort hotel properties, is a former fishing village that is now recognized as the Big Island’s most quintessential beach community. Read More 

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November 24, 2009||Mortgages/Economy/Market

Big Island Financing Options in a Challenging Real Estate Market 

by Cynthia Hoskins, R(S), Social Media Liaison Clark Realty Corporation Hilo Office It’s no secret that it has become more difficult over the last year to obtain conventional financing for the purchase of a property on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Banks and lenders are being cautious as they sort out new regulations and changes in how appraisals for certain loans are handled.  Lending options for Lava Zone 1 and 2 properties have become more restricted.  Loans for vacant land are rarely seen these days. So, what’s a buyer to do? First, of course, is to determine whether your personal financial situation is secure and you are ready to take on the responsibility of new debt.  If you are, there are alternatives to conventional financing that you and your agent can explore: Purchase Money Mortgage/Agreement of Sale: In some markets, seller financing is almost unheard of, but it’s a little different here on Hawaii Island. ... Read More 

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June 2, 2008||Mortgages/Economy/Market

Is Using a Local Lender Really That Important? 

It is not uncommon for people moving to Hawaii to initially consider getting financing from a lender or broker located outside of the state of Hawaii. With the best interests of our buyer clients in mind, Hawaii Realtors, if you ask, will likely tell you that you may save yourself a lot of time and stress if you use a local lender. Local lenders understand the Hawaii Purchase Contract and its contingencies and have established relationships with underwriters who are familiar with the unique aspects of the Hawaii real estate market--there are many! This is especially important for anyone considering purchasing property on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is one test for anyone thinking of using a mainland lender: when interviewing, ask your loan officer if he/she has ever successfully completed a loan for a property in a Lava Zone (yes, all properties on the Big Island fall into an assigned Lava Zone designation--and this is often a surprise to lenders... Read More 

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