Low Mortgage Rates Motivate Spring Buyers

April 10, 2019||Mortgages/Economy/Market

For home buyers, lower interest rates can translate to either lower monthly payments or to increased buying power.

January 25, 2011||Mortgages/Economy/Market

Home Loan Basics: Two Key Questions For First Time Buyers 

Determining what type of mortgage loan program will work best for you is a decision that will require careful investigation and an honest analysis of your financial situation. Your Realtor and your lender will provide helpful information about the various types of loan programs available. Read More 

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December 1, 2010||Mortgages/Economy/Market, Resources for Big Island Residents

Bank Versus Broker: Where to Go for Your Home Loan 

Bank versus Broker? Shopping for a loan can be the most confusing part of buying a home. When it comes to financing your home purchase, understanding a few basics can keep you out of a bad loan and prepare you for the decisions you will need to make as you go through the process of obtaining loan approval and making it to the closing table. Read More 

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October 25, 2010||Mortgages/Economy/Market

Four Steps To Getting a Loan: From Pre-Qualification to Final Loan Approval 

If you’re serious about beginning a home search, you have to be ready to commit to the process of finding the right financing. Lending criteria can change on a daily basis, so as you go into the process, you, your Realtor® and your lender will work together as a team until the last document is signed at the closing table. Read More 

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September 29, 2010||Mortgages/Economy/Market, Resources for Big Island Residents

Before Your Home Search Begins: Know What Is In Your Credit Report 

No matter what is happening in the real estate market, there are some parts of the buying and selling process that remain constant. For buyers, there are a few steps to take before starting your home search that may save you precious time and help you avoid unnecessary frustration and delays once you’ve found the home you want to buy. Read More 

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