How Will Mortgage Rates Fare in 2013?

December 14, 2012||Mortgages/Economy/Market

In an unprecedented move, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has linked the unemployment rate with keeping interest rates at a 60-year low. How does this bold announcement affect your real estate investment decisions in 2013?

October 7, 2009||Corporate: From the Executive Suite, Mortgages/Economy/Market

The Lender of First Resort 

When certain conditions are met, family money may be the best source of mortgage money for a child’s or grandchild’s home for two primary reasons. The first is that the parent can enjoy interest rates significantly above what is commonly available to them in today’s market, while the child can enjoy interest rates substantially below what is commonly available for a mortgage. The second reason is that this can be a simple, flexible, tax advantaged way to transfer inheritance to your children or grand children. That being said, this is definitely not for everyone and requires solid financial guidance from a qualified estate or financial planner. Depending on the length of the mortgage, the interest rate could be as low as 2.63% and could be increased from there depending on the needs of the parent and child. Tax advantaged inheritance goals can also be accomplished by forgiving portions of this debt each year, being careful not to... Read More 

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