Gemini North Telescope Captures May 17 Kilauea Plume from Maunakea

May 17, 2018||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Footage was obtained from the 8-meter Gemini North telescope on Maunakea by a camera used to monitor the sky for remote operations of the telescope.

May 17, 2018||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Is This Your Time to Experience the Aloha and Wonder of Hawaii Island? 

The Big Island is one of the most spectacular places on earth and our active volcano is a must see when conditions are safe. For now; however, most sections of the Park are closed and only local residents and essential personnel are allowed in certain areas in Puna. That leaves the rest of our beautiful island open for business and ready to welcome you if this is your time to come experience the wonder of it all. Read More 

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May 9, 2018||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Kona: The Last Good Place 

Why is the Kona Coast of Hawaii one of the most popular places in the world for sport fishing? Read More 


May 2, 2018||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Understanding Hawaii Island's Lava Zones 

First developed by the USGS in 1974, and last revised in 1992, lava hazard zone maps were initially developed with the purpose of helping local communities in planning and locating critical facilities in areas considered to be safest. There are nine zones in all, Lava Zone 1 through 9, and each zone has particular meaning for the potential hazard. As the numbers increase the hazard decreases. Read More 


May 1, 2017||Big Island: Weather and Nature

Lava Insurance: Does it Exist? 

The East Coast is noted for its hurricanes, the Midwest for twisters and lightning storms and the West Coast for earthquakes. But here in the southernmost section of the US, we have our occasional lava flow—spectacular to behold but deserving of respect and preparation. In late 2014, as the “June 27” lava flow approached Lower Puna, questions about insurance coverage and having a safety net were at the top of residents’ minds. The most-asked question then was “will my insurance cover the loss of my home if lava reaches my property?” By June 2015, the ban on new insurance policies for Lower Puna (aka, “the moratorium”) was lifted. In June 2016, Hawaii said “RIP” to the “June 27” flow.   Lava Insurance and VA Loans Recently, new attention has been brought to the question of “lava insurance” because VA loans have become an option for financing a home purchase in Lava Zone 1 and 2—if you can acquire a "Lava Insurance... Read More 


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