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Homestead with a View: Sustainable Living on Hawaii Island


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This Upper Kaiwiki Road homestead offers the perfect opportunity to live a sustainable, green island lifestyle. It is sited to take full advantage of the sunlight, rainfall and tropical breezes found in East Hawaii, minimizing dependency on “the grid.” What are you waiting for? Leave behind the stress and bills of urban life to enjoy modernity and sustainability in paradise.

Hot water solar panels were included in construction of the main home, allowing guilt-free long, hot showers on sunny days. On the few days that the water temperature drops, simply turn on the electric hot water heater which is also powered by photo-voltaic panels. The photo-voltaic (solar) system generates enough electricity annually to meet 95+% of all electricity needs in the main house, cottage and workshop.

Many Big Island residents rely on catchment water tanks. Ultraviolet purification and filtration systems, like the ones in place at this home, make sure the water is safe for drinking. Harvesting rainwater from the cottage roof keeps the 14,000 gallon catchment tank full.

When it comes to managing humidity and minimizing mold growth on clothing and furniture, breeze-power is your new best friend. Each structure on this property has been carefully positioned to use the tropical trade winds to stay well ventilated. The main house has expansive 4′ x 6′ screened windows and several glass paneled double French doors that slide open to welcome the cross ventilation. The cottage features two 8 ‘ sliding glass doors that give panoramic views of the giant bamboo and abundant open space.

For more information about this one-of-a-kind Big Island property, please contact me at 808-895-2254

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