September 8, 2011||Clark Realty Community Fund

Clark Realty Community Fund: Supporting Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

Clark Realty Corporation’s Community Fund was established in January 2005 as a component fund of the Hawaii Community Foundation. Contributions made to CRCCF are used to make grants that support Big Island programs promoting lifelong learning, healthy lifestyles and an appreciation of the local environment, the arts and social needs.

This year, several Big Island groups were nominated by our agents to receive grants from CRCCF. Eight were selected as our 2011 grantees. We will introduce you to the others in future posts. If you would like more information about CRCCF, or if you would like to make a donation to the 2011 campaign, please visit the About CRCCF page. Mahalo for your support!

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

Rainbow Friends is an East Hawaii no-kill animal shelter

CRCCF 2011 Grantee: Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary

When you think of a favorite pet, loving memories of a special dog, cat or other critter probably come to mind. Memories of laughter and fun with an always giving, never questioning companion.

For some animals though, the memories aren’t always so good. They find themselves lost, abused, or abandoned. Unwanted and unloved, many of these animals would face certain death if it were not for the dedication, love and support of organizations like the Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Rainbow Friends website | Rainbow Friends on Facebook | Meet September’s Pet of the Month

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary is a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter that takes in animals in need. They provide a safe environment, medical attention and, most of all, love and support to dogs, cats and other critters down on their luck. The volunteers and staff at Rainbow Friends are a hard-working, dedicated team of individuals who go above and beyond to fulfill their duties. They put in hours of labor-intensive, cleaning, washing, grooming, and training for the animals they take in. They educate the public on proper pet care, provide spay & neuter clinics and teach the importance of not over-breeding.

Cynthia D Harrison, R

Cynthia D Harrison, R

Best of all Rainbow Friends strives to place the animals into loving homes where they can bring joy to a new family. In today’s economy, as some families find themselves with one or more pets that can’t go with them if they move or that they can no longer care for, no-kill shelters like Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary become all the more important. They care for and give a voice to animals that cannot care for themselves.

In addition to monetary donations, pet supplies, towels and blankets can be a great way to give. And of course, if you are in the market for a pet, please consider a visit to the Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary was nominated by Cynthia D. Harrison, R of Clark Realty’s Hilo office. Funds donated from CRCCF will help with veterinary and food costs for the rescued animals. Mahalo, Cindy, for sharing the mission of Rainbow Friends with us and giving us an opportunity to support Rainbow Friends in their work in East Hawaii.

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