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Hawaii Horse Expo Benefits Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Horse Rescue Fund

Tommy Garland with Widowmaker

Tommy Garland with a 'widowmaker' at the 2011 Hawaii Horse Expo at Anna Ranch Heritage Center

Hawaii Horse Expo 2011

The 4th annual Hawaii Horse Expo was held this past weekend in Waimea here on Hawaii’s Big Island. According to organizer Nancy Jones, the goal of this year’s Expo was “to educate horse people about the training results and bonding achieved when the relationship with the horse is built upon mutual respect and trust, rather than coercion and forced submission.” The Expo was a resounding success.

Presenters included renowned veterinarians and trainers, among them Dr. Robert Miller, Tommy Garland and Hawaii’s own Linda Tellington-Jones. For a complete list of the presenters and brief biographies see, visit the Hawaii Horse Expo website’s Clinicians page.

The most inspiring and heart-warming moments were when breakthroughs were achieved. Tommy Garland himself choked up when he helped a young horse overcome its fears and be able to walk on a folded tarp rustling in the breeze. Another highlight was observing Linda Tellington-Jones ground a big unruly horse and help it become more in control of its body using the principles of “T-Touch” training. (As every horse owner knows, a fearful horse is dangerous. And fearful humans are dangerous to horses who need good leaders in order to feel secure and be safe enough for humans to keep them.)

Karen B. Clarkson, R

Karen B. Clarkson, R

This wonderful event took place at Anna Ranch Heritage Center, a National Historic Site that honors the memory of Waimea’s renowned woman rancher and horsewoman Anna Perry-Fiske. Anna was surely smiling upon the Expo this year. As a philanthropist, she would have appreciated, too, that all proceeds from the ticket sales benefited the Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Horse Rescue Fund.

The Expo was a great opportunity to interact with other horse owners and to learn from great teachers, both human and horse!

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